Defending Integrity: Sajith Premadasa Confronts Baseless Allegations


In the ever-shifting landscape of political allegations, the recent spotlight falls on the Opposition Leader, Sajith Premadasa. Accusations of corruption have been brought forth by ‘Pohottuwa’ MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage, spearheaded by a biased and politically motivated ‘Internal Audit’ conducted by NVT Dhammika of the State Engineering Corporation. A closer examination reveals a web of questionable appointments, affiliations, and discrepancies, casting serious doubts on the credibility of this purported audit.

A Dubious Audit’s Genesis

The genesis of this controversy traces back to recent vindications from the COPE-appointed ‘Wasantha Jinadasa’ committee report and the Bribery Commission, clearing Sajith Premadasa and his party of any corruption charges. Following this exoneration, the government’s pursuit to discredit the Opposition Leader intensified, culminating in the emergence of an ‘Internal Audit’ led by NVT Dhammika.

The Veil of Political Bias and Unqualified Appointments

Unveiling the layers behind the so-called ‘Internal Audit’ exposes troubling affiliations. NVT Dhammika, the purported auditor, is revealed to be deeply aligned with the ‘Pohottuwa’ party, holding committee positions within ‘Pohottuwa unions’ at the State Engineering Corporation. More strikingly, his qualifications for the role of Chief Internal Auditor stand in stark contrast to the prerequisites, raising serious doubts about his capability and neutrality.

A Political Puppeteer’s Influence

The trail leads further, revealing the possible influence of key ‘Pohottuwa’ figures in Dhammika’s appointment. Allegations suggest that Niranjan and Cooray, prominent within the ‘Pohottuwa’ union at the State Engineering Corporation, might have orchestrated Dhammika’s placement, adding another layer of suspicion to the politically charged audit.


Qualification Deficiencies and Alleged Misconduct

Scrutiny of Dhammika’s academic record exposes glaring discrepancies. Essential qualifications for the Chief Internal Auditor role demand a certain academic standard, which Dhammika conspicuously lacks. His failure in the Advanced Level exams and unsuccessful attempts at acquiring AAT certification blatantly contradict the prerequisites for such a pivotal position.

A Politically Driven Smokescreen

Amidst these revelations, the audaciousness of the alleged ‘Internal Audit’ becomes increasingly apparent. It becomes evident that the report is not a genuine effort but a politically motivated ploy aimed at tarnishing the reputation of Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa and his party.

Illegitimate Re-Appointment and Alleged Bribery

The controversy deepens with the alleged illegitimate re-appointment of NVT Dhammika after voluntary retirement, a move seemingly in defiance of established circulars. This action, purportedly as a reward for the contentious report, raises serious concerns about ethical breaches and potential impropriety within government mechanisms. The circumvention of regulations prohibiting such re-appointments not only highlights the government’s disregard for established protocols but also raises troubling questions about potential bribery or undue influence in securing Dhammika’s return to service. Such actions not only blur ethical boundaries but also undermine the credibility and integrity of governmental structures, demanding a thorough investigation into these alleged malpractices to uphold the sanctity of public service and accountability.

Union Backlash

Further complicating matters, the government’s actions regarding Dhammika’s re-appointment after voluntary retirement raise serious legal questions. Violating circulars prohibiting such re-appointments, Dhammika’s return to service is alleged to be a reward for the controversial audit. Union complaints against these illegal actions underscore the gravity of the situation.

Conclusion: The Hollow Credibility of the ‘Internal Audit’

In summary, the alleged ‘Internal Audit’ conducted by NVT Dhammika appears to be a carefully constructed smokescreen. It fails to meet the standards of credibility due to its clear political bias, the evident lack of qualifications on Dhammika’s part, and the suspicious circumstances surrounding its inception. Instead of a genuine investigative effort, it seems more like a tool wielded for political gains, compromising its validity and integrity. The accusations against Sajith Premadasa, fueled by this dubious audit, stand on shaky ground, devoid of substance and authenticity.

Amidst this turbulent storm of baseless accusations, Sajith Premadasa stands resolute, vehemently rejecting these false allegations concocted through politically motivated manoeuvres. His unwavering commitment to transparency, ethical governance, and dedication to the welfare of the people stands as a testament to his integrity. Premadasa, in response to these attacks, has expressed profound dismay at the exploitation of state mechanisms for political vendettas. He calls for an unbiased inquiry into these allegations, urging for fairness and adherence to due process, reaffirming his unwavering dedication to serving the nation and its citizens.

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